5 Tips to Enjoy Opera for Noobs!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear of Operas? Do you picture overweight women singing in a foreign language with a shrill voice? Do you think of saxophones? And is that all you can conjure up in your mind when someone talks to you about Opera? Well, in that case you have a lot to learn about operas. Firstly, they are plays where the dialogues are all carried out in the form of songs. Secondly, no, they are not all about fat shrill-voiced ladies! There is a story which might be comic, tragic or romantic, or a combination of either of these.

Now, if you are planning to visit an Opera for the first time, or have already visited one and didn’t quite “enjoy” the experience, here is a few tips that might help you the next time:

Know about the Opera

Do a little research about the Opera before attending. It shouldn’t be very hard to find information on the internet. Learn about its genre, the plot, its setting in advance. Or better yet, rent a DVD and watch the opera before actually going to Watch it live, you can watch them online too. Once you are aware what exactly you will be going in for, you’ll be able to shape your expectations accordingly and actually enjoy the performance a lot more.

Who should you bring along

Bring anyone you wish, no one is so much as going to blink an eye as long as you are properly dressed (yes, dress code is kind of important, opera is by large a place for the snobs, so if you are not one just act like one unless you want to invite innumerous slighting glances). As for the person you drag along, make sure she/he can survive without using the cell-phone every 15minutes for at least 3 hours (it can drag longer, of course) or doesn’t need to use the restroom very often. Try not to bring small children along. The screaming and nagging doesn’t go with the opera environment.

The basic etiquettes

Once the light goes dim, it’s show-time! The show often begins before the curtain is even raised! Yes! You hear people applauding? This means the show has begun and you need to focus. If the opera turns out to be too long or incomprehensible for you, you can try amusing yourself by glaring at others! But hush, don’t you yourself make a noise!

Things to carry

You are not a noob! Or at least you don’t want to seem like one! Carry an Opera glass or a binocular! They are essentials and they’ll help you to observe the ongoing action more clearly.

Enjoy Yourself

Since you will be paying quite an amount for the tickets, at least enjoy the ambiance which truly is great with all the music and lights. And once you start following the story, you will understand what the entire craze is about. If you still find it hard to sit through the show, leave quietly during the intermission.