How to nail the kissing or intimate scenes while you are acting!


A career in acting demands a lot from the actor. Movies, plays, theatres or operas – they all mimic real life and so it is obvious that the plot will demand the actor to perform a kissing or an intimate scene at one point of time or another. Scenes like this become instrumental in expressing emotions of passion and lust. However, such scenes often turn out to be out-of-the-comfort-zone of the actors and rightly so. It is not easy to feign passion while fifty odd pairs of eyes are staring at you. Actors get conscious about their performance as well as about their own bodies, and it might take some time before the actors can get used to such intimate scenes. The beginning is the hardest part; things begin to get familiar as one spends more and more time in the industry.

As for the beginners, here are a few steps they can follow to get more comfortable with the onscreen display of affection:

Know your mind

Before signing a contract, it is of utmost importance that the actors know what they are getting themselves into. It is better to particularly enquire and know in detail about the intimate scenes before signing a contract. Once you know the things that you will be required to carry out during your performance, you can decide whether you are ready for it or not. Do not force yourself into anything that your conscience would not permit you to do. Because if in any case you cannot carry on with your decision and back up at the last moment, it will cause trouble for you (because you have already signed a contract) and also for the production house. So know your mind before going ahead with a decision.

Know your partner

Get to know the person with whom you will be sharing the intimate scene. Make sure that the other person is also comfortable in performing such a scene. These interactions will help to ease the tension and create a comfort zone between the two of you. When two actors involved in an intimate scene are in friendly terms, it becomes a lot easier to fake the chemistry as well as to carry on the performance. A mistake in that case is more likely to evoke laughter rather than creating an awkward situation.

Be confident and rehearse in advance

Firstly, be confident and comfortable with your own body. If you are required to expose, you must agree only if you are comfortable in the first place. Secondly, rehearse your act in advance. For kissing scenes you can use a doll or simply practice the lip movements. Follow what the Director advices.

Forget about the staring eyes

Last but not the least; the most important part is to be indifferent to the crowd around. Forget you are being watched, simply focus on your own performance and on your partner, and let everyone else zoom out. This way, you should be able to carry out a kissing/intimate scene pretty convincingly and effortlessly!