Is it possible to be an actor nowadays?

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With the advent of technology and the revolutionary internet, the definition of celebrity has completely changed. Social media sites like Instagram and YouTube help aspiring actors to gain enough recognition within a very young age and hurl them into the spotlight. Thus the initial part of the struggle, that was so prevalent among budding actors of yesteryear, is not very much evident in the life of aspiring actors today. It is thus easier and very much possible to be an actor nowadays.

Here are a few ways:

Through social media channels

Despite cut-throat competition and recession, new actors continue to make their way to the film industry on a daily basis. Social networking sites have surely made it easier for youngsters to get noticed and contact appropriate modeling agencies, acting class coordinators, people related to production of films and so on. Nowadays by shooting a single video and uploading it on channels like Vine or YouTube, gets people famous, with a huge number of likes and followers. This trend results not only in the popularity of people on social media but also makes them easier to succeed in the bigger picture.

Through channels of television

Since the past decade, television has increased in transparency and become very much sought after by aspiring actors. The general trend now, is to start out with small talk shows, journalists, and then venture into films. In the early era, television was completely secluded from the film industry and there was no scope for outsiders in its world. But now, with increased accessibility it has become easier for people to enter the arena of films and gain success and fame as an actor.

Through reality shows and talent hunts

Television developed more and more with the onset of interactive talk shows, reality shows and talent hunts. These types of shows have basically bridged the gap between the general public and the much coveted world of celebrities and glamour, thus making it easier for young, talent aspirants to put their baby steps in the television industry and carve out a niche for themselves. The best part about these shows is that the auditions are held at all major cities for selection of common people who are talented, confident and smart. This makes it possible nowadays for people to try their luck as an actor, in spite of having no influential background. This trend was not seen in the olden days, where the world of film industry was reserved only for a privileged few, who had a family history of influential actors or were in close contact with such people.

Through recommendations

Getting access into the film industry and becoming an actor was possible mainly through recommendations in the earlier days, and now also it remains a foolproof route of entry. However even getting recommendations is quite easy these days. When an aspirant enrolls for acting classes, or auditions for talent hunts and makes it till television at least, it is then very easy to get film offers and launch a career in films thereafter.


Becoming an actor nowadays is not easy, yet it is certainly possible with the right attitude, talent and a little bit of luck. It is always advised to start with acting classes for improvisation and then slowly moves up the ladder of success.