First Aircraft Ride To Abroad? List 10 Tips Here

Travel Blog Reservation – Today, airplanes have become a means of air transportation that can reach all walks of life. In addition to the choice of airlines and the choice of flight, services are diverse, the price of airline tickets in the present time is also quite affordable and often rarely compete with the price of intercity buses or ships. But many still do not understand how to go aboard the first time abroad.


The exclusive impression offered by airplanes in air travel has never faded. Not only that, faster travel time and competitive ticket prices are also the main attraction of airplanes. This is what then makes most of the society both from the upper and middle class prefer aircraft to facilitate the mobilization, especially in domestic or domestic routes.


For most people, traveling by plane to the inter-region in one country may be a common thing. Because, for domestic routes, passengers do not require special documents such as passports and visas and other strict regulations. Only need to buy a plane ticket with a specific purpose, check in and show identity cards, follow the rules of the cabin crew, and enjoy air travel to reach the city or destination in a country.


How about boarding a plane abroad? Air travel abroad may be something new and exciting for some people. You need to know how to ride a plane first overseas well.


Is this your first time traveling abroad on a plane? If yes, you do not have to worry. Because of the process of flying a plane with domestic and international destinations more or less the same. It’s just that you need to be more disciplined and thorough in preparing your departure.


For the first time, you board a plane with international destinations or abroad, the following will be reviewed 10 tips that will be useful for you. Check it out, yes!

  1. Prepare the itinerary for the destination country carefully



The itinerary is a draft of a list of places you will visit and things you will do while in the destination country. An itinerary is usually adjusted to the budget you have and also the return date listed on the plane ticket.


If your purpose is to travel abroad for school or academic activities, plan and prepare all your needs for travel expenses, school enrollment, residence, to living expenses.


In addition, you can also contact the education consultant agencies who provide information about education in your country of destination.


Meanwhile, if your goal to travel abroad is to travel, determine the budget and browsing on the internet about the country of your traveling destination. You are advised to study the culture and territory of your country of destination first. No need to be too serious, at least you need to have an initial insight into the country you are going to visit. It certainly will help you how to behave and communicate with local residents in the destination country. Of course, different countries, different cultures.


After that, you also need to find what tourist destinations are in the destination country, how the transportation, and how much entrance fees or transportation costs. Record all the information you get and adjust to the budget you have.


Of course, you also need to find a hotel or lodging in your destination country. Look for lodging that suits your budget. The most important thing is to keep your hotel or guesthouse located in the city center of the destination country. Avoid the location of hotels or inns that are located too far or too far away. In addition to preventing the occurrence of things that are not desirable while abroad, staying at a hotel or inn located on the edge of city center will allow you to get to tourist destinations.


Do not hesitate to download the tourist map of your destination country if the map is available on the internet. This map will help guide you when you are at the airport of the destination country. It might sound old-fashioned because you can count on GPS. However, you are not advised to “believe” the GPS completely. In addition, this tour map will also be useful if you do not have enough internet connection while in a destination country. Use GPS certainly need the internet connection, right?

  1. Book and check airline tickets carefully


Currently, the aircraft is the most enabling and effective means of traveling to foreign countries. In addition, various airlines are also competing in providing promo airline tickets for both domestic routes and international routes. For certain airlines that are segmented Low-Cost Carrier or low-cost flights, not infrequently you will meet promo ticket PP to the destination country with cheap rates.


If this is your first time traveling abroad, try to be more careful when booking a plane ticket. Make sure you buy a plane ticket at a trusted travel agent. You can also directly buy airfare to the destination country on the official website of the airline.


The most crucial issue that often occurs in airfare is a misspelling of names such as the typo. For example, the name “Ricardo” is often written with “Ricard”. Not surprisingly, these errors often occur. For the owner of the name, it is not possible they are wrong to write or type the spelling of their own names especially if in a hurry and not careful.


The reason, for domestic flights, such small mistakes can still be tolerated, but not so with international flights. Such a small mistake can keep you deported from the destination country. If the name on the ticket does not match the name on the passport, you will be treated as two different people. One person is a ticket named a person and one more person named according to the passport. Fatal, is not it?


Therefore, when filling out the airfare purchase form, check your ID card or Passport and make sure you type the name in accordance with the same spelling written on the Passport. Not just a name, make sure your country and destination airports are in the form before the payment process.


Typically, an airline or online travel agent does provide a service for the name correction. However, the process can take a long time and there are also some airlines that do not provide name correction services. So, rather than complicated in the future, it would not hurt to be more thorough and careful in this regard.


After paying the airline ticket, make sure your ticket has been issued and check your email. Make sure you also get a ticket in the form of a valid E-Ticket and sent to your email. Save the E-Ticket until you are back home safely. If necessary, print or print the E-Ticket just in case something goes wrong with the gadget where you saved the E-Ticket.

  1. Prepare your passport and visa


A passport is an official document issued by an authorized government official in a country. The passport contains the identity data of the holder and is used as an official identification or official identity for air travel between countries.


Not only when air travel, while abroad, the passport is the only official identity for tourists. The most popular and most frequently asked passport types are the Ordinary Passport and E-Passport used for regular travel.


Meanwhile, a visa is an official document issued by a country to a person to be granted permission to enter a country within a period of time and for a specific purpose. Countries that can be issued and granted visas are countries that have diplomatic relations with the state issuing visas.


For example, if you are going to visit Germany, you need to make a visa. Between Germany and USA have diplomatic relations so the state can make an issue visas.


There are various types of visas which include popular Visa Tourist Visa, Limited Stay Permit / Working Visa, Visa Transit (Transit Visa), and Visa on Arrival (VOA). One of the most popular and most commonly requested visa types is Visa Tourists which are usually filed for traveling purposes.


Passport is a must-have document for those of you planning to travel abroad, while the visa is a tentative document. The reason, at this time, some countries have been registered to release visas for a visit within a certain period of time for American citizens.


The most important thing is to make sure you have a passport. If you do not have a passport, you can apply for a passport at the Immigration Office. In addition, set your destination country and look for as much information on the internet about the country on visas. Whether the country is on the list of visa-free countries for Indonesian citizens or not.

If your destination country includes a country that has not yet released a visa for an Indonesian citizen, you are required to apply for a visa directly at the embassy of your destination country.


Many say that taking care of a visa is “easy-going”. There are certain country visas that are easy to obtain and there are also countries that are hard to get visas. Obtaining a country visa such as the clarity of the purpose of visiting and the amount of balance in a savings account.


For the balance amount in this savings account, it aims to ensure that the applicant has sufficient living expenses while in the country while preventing the occurrence of undesirable things.

It is important for you to prepare everything if you want to apply for a visa.


  1. Come to the airport 3 hours before departure time


Never underestimate flight departure time. Because, late 1 minute, you will miss the plane.

Pay close attention and note the departure time of your aircraft from day to hour of departure. Departure time information is stated on the plane ticket. For international flights, you are advised to have arrived at the airport at least about 3 hours before departure time. Too long? Again, do not underestimate the time of departure.


Attending the airport earlier will certainly give you more profit than loss. You will avoid congestion and also will not be in a hurry. Hasty conditions can often be fatal. In addition, you also will not be able to calm down if traveling in a hurry.


Moreover, for international flight routes, the process of checking the identity until check in the baggage takes a long time and quite tight. Not only that, finding the departure terminal at the airport also takes a short time due to the vastness of the airport.


In addition, boarding gates will normally be closed 45 minutes before departure. After boarding gate is closed, you can be sure you can not get on the plane even though the plane has not taken off yet.